A Trumped-Up Tuesday

Plus: House dysfunction is hurting U.S. weapons stockpiles.

The GOP’s Costly Incompetence

The party is missing an opportunity to show it can govern.

Forgiving Jenna Ellis

How much grace is a remorseful coup-enabler owed?

Rules for Radicals

It won’t matter who the speaker of the House is if we don’t safeguard clear, impartial, and competent administration.

Kevin’s House

A quasi-defense of an execrable leader.

A Republican’s Defense of Arizona’s Election Integrity

Plus: House Republicans will try once again to find a speaker who can win.

Chaos in Congress and Around the World

Another week of dysfunction at home and war abroad.

Politics Without Consequences

While Joe Biden is gaining momentum, House Republicans can’t even agree to the rules of their own game.

Down Goes Jordan

The speakership race enters its ‘Mad Max’ era.

Explaining the Allegations That Jim Jordan Covered Up Sexual Abuse at Ohio State

The scandal emerged in 2018, but there is no solid evidence to either support or refute the claim.

The Normalcy Candidate

The political peril of linking Ukraine and Israel.

Tolerating the Radically Intolerant

Hamas’ attack on Israel shined a light on the left’s war on liberalism.

The House Speaker Fiasco Keeps on Going

Plus: Republican candidates split between Nevada’s primary and caucus.

What About Jewish Nationalism?

Does Israel deserve a carveout from arguments against nationalism?

Only Trump Is Trump

Lessons from the humiliation of Jim Jordan.

Sidney Powell Pleads Guilty in Georgia

And the new gag order in Trump’s federal election interference case, explained.