Israel First?

Why MAGA Republicans sound like neocons after Hamas’ attack.

The Wretched of the Earth

Democrats face an identity crisis after Hamas’ attack on Israel.

Attack on Israel Puts Foreign Affairs on the 2024 Map

Plus: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says he may spoil the race—for both Biden and Trump.

How to Solve a Problem Like the Problem Solvers Caucus

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Our Best Stuff From a Week of Congressional Chaos

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Indulging Some What-Ifs

A primer on filing deadlines, primary season, and what happens if a nominee is incapacitated.

Inside, Outside, Upside Down

Jordan vs. Scalise is an institutional test.

Scalise, Jordan Emphasize Republican Unity in Speaker’s Race

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The Player

Nancy Mace is the worst. Sort of.

Embellishment or Fraud? That is the Question

Trump’s penchant for exaggeration lands him in legal trouble.

Shooting the Hostage

Should Democrats have rescued Kevin McCarthy?

Kevin McCarthy Embraced Partisanship—at His Own Peril

It’s not clear his replacement will do much differently.

Time to Hide the Sausage-Making

Too much transparency is unhealthy for our politics.

Kevin McCarthy’s Ironic Downfall

Plus: What the former speaker’s ouster means for GOP fundraising.

A Historically Bad Day for Kevin McCarthy

Plus: How one New Jersey senator’s alleged crime could benefit Sweden’s NATO bid.

Video: Kevin McCarthy Ousted as House Speaker

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