Video: Special Guest Rep. Liz Cheney Joins Dispatch Live

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The Wyoming Republican will discuss her work on the January 6 committee.

Johnson Faces Another Badger State Senate Battle

The Wisconsin Republican doesn’t have primary competition, but he faces headwinds in November as Democrats try to flip a key Senate seat.

A Lesson in Reckless Rhetoric

The events January 6 were not in the spirit of 1776. They were more akin to 1793.

Conservatives Who Tried to Derail Doug Mastriano’s Pennsylvania Primary Bid Consider Supporting Him in November

An influential group that campaigned against Mastriano now says it may endorse the gubernatorial nominee in his matchup against Democrat Josh Shapiro.

It’s Voters, Not Lobbyists, Who Shape the GOP Gun Agenda

And passing gun-control legislation requires changing voters’ minds.

Georgia Republicans Stick With Kemp by a Wide Margin

The Republican governor narrows his focus on Democrat Stacey Abrams after a 50-point win over Donald Trump’s endorsement.

Video: The State of the Evangelical Church, Another Mass Shooting, and the Georgia Primary

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Can Brad Raffensperger Thwart a Stolen-Election Offensive in Georgia?

The embattled secretary of state has refuted attacks from Donald Trump and his handpicked primary candidate. Will Republicans in the Peach State reward him?

Alabama Senate Primary Splits the GOP in DC

Rep. Mo Brooks, Katie Britt, and Mike Durant are vying to replace Richard Shelby. A runoff is likely.

A Populist Möbius Strip

For Republicans and Democrats alike, what’s old is new again.

Trump Cares About Control, Not Winning Elections

His criteria for endorsements have nothing to do with ideology or even partisan litmus tests.

Doug Mastriano Bucks the GOP Establishment in Pennsylvania

The Trump-endorsed state senator wins the Republican gubernatorial nomination and will face Democrat Josh Shapiro in November.

High-Profile Republicans Split on Pennsylvania Senate Primary

The race to fill the seat of retiring Sen. Pat Toomey was already tight. Kathy Barnette’s late surge has made it even tighter.

Trump Tests His Influence in North Carolina

Ted Budd looks to become the GOP’s Senate nominee, and scandal-plagued Rep. Madison Cawthorn faces his own crowded primary challenge.

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