A Debate About Nothing, and Everything

High stakes and low in Milwaukee.

It’s Republican Debate Day in America

Plus: Democrats discuss their voter turnout strategy for 2024.

Kevin Williamson Moderates the GOP Debate

And the atmosphere is electric.

 Trump’s Trial Logistics, Explained

Holding four trials in four jurisdictions—each one featuring the most famous defendant in the world—may turn out to be a scheduling nightmare.

Will DeSantis Stay on the Attack Against Trump?

It might be more truth-telling than Republican voters want to hear.


Dispatch Live: The First Republican Debate

Join us for a livestream discussion of the GOP debate.

Previewing the First Republican Primary Debate of the Cycle

With Trump out, GOP candidates scramble to make the Fox News-hosted event mean something.

Nevada Republicans Go Bust

A plan to help Trump and raise money may do neither.

Listless Vessels

Will Ron DeSantis be punished for telling the truth?

With Trump Skipping Debates, All Eyes on DeSantis in Milwaukee

Plus, Trump keeps quiet in Senate GOP primaries this early in the cycle.

The Assassins’ Creed

You can treat the internet like it’s make-believe, but there are real-world consequences.

Ain’t No Party Like a Camp David Party

Biden hosts leaders of Japan and South Korea in the face of threats from China and North Korea.

Our Best Stuff From the Week of the Georgia Indictment

Plus, Hunter Biden’s legal woes and a deep dive on class resentment and populism.

Can Trump Afford a Debate No-Show?

There are downsides to skipping, and downsides to showing up.

Trump’s Unconstitutional Enterprise

There’s no reason to cling to the presumption of innocence on his moral and historical culpability.

What Are Parties For?

Further thoughts on this week’s newsletters.