Trump Is Already a Candidate, So Treat Him Like One

He’s acting like one, fundraising like one, and campaigning like one.

Our Best Stuff From a Week of Revealing Primaries

The Democrats back Peter Meijer’s challenger in Michigan, and a pro-life referendum fails in Kansas.

Senate Republicans Need to Define What They’re For

The Inflation Reduction Act floor debate is the perfect opportunity.

Bonfire of the Asininities

The last thing America needs is a “new politics.”

Bonfire of the Asininities

The last thing America needs is a “new politics.”

Endorsement Wars in Wisconsin

A competitive gubernatorial primary becomes the latest proxy battle between Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Peter Meijer Falls to Trump-Endorsed John Gibbs in Michigan

Gibbs was boosted by $435,000 in spending on ads by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Eric Schmitt Wins the Missouri GOP Senate Primary

The state’s attorney general defeats Rep. Vicky Hartzler and disgraced former Gov. Eric Greitens.

Joe Kent’s Tumultuous Campaign Comes to a Close

The candidate in Washington state’s 3rd District has made headlines for his controversial foreign policy views, 2020 election denialism, and far-right ties.

Viktor Orbán Comes to CPAC

Will the audience care about his recent racist speech, his kowtowing to China, or his lack of support for Ukraine?

The Trump Loyalist Who’s Challenging Peter Meijer in Michigan

Meijer represents his district’s long tradition of moderate conservatism, but John Gibbs is getting help from Trump—and the DCCC.

Our Best Stuff on Ukraine, the Midterms, and the Pro-Life Movement

Plus, it looks like the January 6 committee hearings might be changing hearts and minds.

Some Rural Democrats See Political Hope After Dobbs

An issue that has long animated Republicans is now firing up centrist Democrats.

What A Week of Hearings Tells us About the Future of Abortion Politics

Congress held a spate of hearings this month on the Dobbs Supreme Court decision.

Dem Campaign Chiefs Tell Different Stories on GOP Primary Meddling

The senator running Democrats’ election strategy says his party shouldn’t boost election-denying Republicans in primaries. His House counterpart disagrees.

Are Republicans Moving on From Trump?

His hold on the right is in the process of terminal decay.