Clubhouse Is a Hit With Celebrities. Can It Be a Tool for Activists?

Mandarin speakers connected with users in mainland China, until the CCP caught on.

Congress Spins Into a Ditch

Rather than declare Trump innocent or guilty, which might make keeping their jobs harder, senators chose to let him off on a technicality.

Impeachment Is About Statesmanship, Not Criminal Behavior

Institutions have every right to police the professional conduct of their officers.

How Lincoln Can Guide Us In Restoring Our Institutions

He understood the power of mobs and the challenge of preserving self-government.

If Biden Wants Unity, He Should Emulate Bush Instead of Obama

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A Pardon Is Not the Answer This Time

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The American Right Is Littered With Cautionary Tales

Donald Trump’s corruption has been infectious.

The Path Back From Conspiracy

The federal judiciary has kept its head and helped the country do the same.

Nothing of the Sort

The media has seized on the idea that people choose to live in neighborhoods and towns full of others who think just like them. It’s a myth.

Too Many Republicans Use Conservatism as a Tool

For them, the movement is just a means to partisan ends.

The Problem Isn’t How We Elect Presidents. It’s How We Select Candidates.

The primary system has yielded nominees who are noteworthy less for their governing experience and more for their sales pitches to the people.

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Manchin's stand against packing the courts and ending the filibuster can only help the Democratic Party.

How to Treat the Hunter Biden Story

Whether it's real is an important question. What comes next if it is is another.

How Trump Is Helping Biden With Young Voters

Members of Generation Z prefer the Democratic nominee, but many are voting against Trump as much as they are voting for Biden.