Leave Twitter to the Dogs

Twitter once offered a correction to the mainstream media’s control over the narrative. Now Twitter is the narrative.

Ohio’s Wild Primary Comes to a Close

Donald Trump’s endorsement and late bumps in the polls turned the race upside down in its final weeks.

Little Kaisers, Left and Right

Both nationalists and populists are interested in ‘gold-plated news only.’

Stirewaltisms: Fears of Downturn Point Dems to Midterm Oblivion

Democrats are in trouble even with a growing economy. A stagnant economy or recession would multiply the political pain enormously.

Video: Dispatch Live: More of ‘The Right’ with Matthew Continetti

Watch the video of our weekly livestreamed conversation.

McCarthy’s Problems Long Predate Trump

He’s also in hock to the Freedom Caucus.

Ohio’s Map-Making Merry-Go-Round

The Buckeye State is stuck in a Sisyphean cycle of court fights over gerrymandered maps, despite past reform.

It’s Past Time for Conservatives to Reject Conspiracy Theories

Believing that the election was stolen, that vaccines are dangerous, and that the U.S. is lying about developing bioweapons in Ukraine have damaged the movement.

Stirewaltisms: Joe Biden, Man in the Iron Mask

Biden keeps denying himself an advantage with persuadable voters while simultaneously showing Democrats that he is ineffectual.

J.D. Vance Hopes for a Boost After Trump Endorsement

Ohio’s Republican candidates for Senate scramble to the May 3 finish line now that the former president has made his pick.

Are Steve Bannon and MTG On the Outs?

An odd rift in the MAGA media space.

Stirewaltisms: Trump’s Faction of One

The former president doesn’t care what happens to the Republican Party in Pennsylvania, Georgia, or anywhere else.

Will Madison Cawthorn’s Scandals Hurt His Primary Chances?

It’s amazing how far the natural strength of incumbency and the primary-proofing of strong MAGA credentials will get you in today’s Republican Party.

Pollster Tosses Drowning Dems an Anvil

While American are worried about inflation and Ukraine, Democrats are being advised to keep pushing an extreme, progressive agenda.

Defining ‘Retaliation’ Down

Public-private handshakes like the one Disney enjoys in Florida are political by nature.