DOJ Appoints Another Special Counsel

Former prosecutor Robert Hur will head the investigation into Biden’s classified documents case.

The Hypocritic Oath

The guiding principles of our Whataboutist Era.

It’s a Conspiracy!

The search for meaning in the Biden documents fiasco.

Stirewaltisms: Hold on Loosely, But Don’t Let Go

Advice from Paul Ryan to Kevin McCarthy—and everyone else who seeks power.

The GOP’s George Santos Dilemma

National leaders tolerate him while New York Republicans urge him to step down.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It—All the Way to Congress

The cautionary tale of George Santos.

Biden’s Lost Documents May Mean More GOP Investigations

As a special counsel investigates whether Biden mishandled classified Obama-era documents, Republicans pledge more oversight.

The Election Crisis We Dodged

A proposal to prevent the seating of House members from states with ‘bad’ election laws would be disastrous.

Waiting for Ronald

The new House GOP majority tries to fill an ideological vacuum.

Deceive and Deny, Rinse and Repeat

How Congress and the media exacerbate our political dysfunction.

Dueling Documents Cases

The discovery of the sensitive Obama-era documents in Joe Biden’s private office could complicate efforts to indict his predecessor.

When Words Fail

Last week exposed the poverty of our political vocabulary.

Video: Biden Documents, Congress, Immigration, and More

Watch the video of our weekly livestreamed conversation.

So Much for Prosecuting Trump

A tale of two classified documents scandals.

The Sweep: What the Speakership Fight Means for Congressional Campaigns

What happens in the House changes who runs and how they win.