Out Best Stuff From the Week the Midterms Finally Ended

Warnock defeats Walker, but it’s Donald Trump who was hardest hit.

Independent Sinema

Arizona’s new maverick goes rogue.

Stirewaltisms: Sinema Pops Dems’ Bubble

The Arizona senator announces she’s leaving the Democratic Party.

Democrats’ Empire State Split

New York’s progressives launch a salvo against centrists over the future of the state party.

Devil’s Bargain

How Russia jammed up Biden on Brittney Griner’s release.

Democrats Plan to Upend the Primaries

But not everyone is on board with demoting Iowa and New Hampshire.

Winning by Losing

A good night for the GOP in Georgia.

Georgia Exposed the Trumpist Scam

There’s life left in conservatism yet.

Will a New Price Cap on Russian Oil Work?

Plus: The implications of Georgia’s Senate runoff on the 2024 presidential race.

Walker Goes Down to Warnock

Why Georgia’s Senate runoff felt like a post-Trump election.

The GOP’s Primary Weakness

The nominating process has made the party too reliant on Donald Trump, and too cowardly to do anything about it.

Understanding the ‘Twitter Files’

Do ‘leaked’ internal documents prove Twitter’s left-wing bias? A Dispatch Explainer.

Video: Georgia Holds Its Senate Runoff Election

Watch the video of our weekly livestreamed conversation.

The Resistible Urge to Scoff

The ‘Twitter Files’ and the intellectual pitfalls of contempt.

The Sweep: How to Read the Early 2024 Primary Polls

Pay attention to who was included, where the poll was conducted, and who was asked.

Dispatch Live: Lame Duck Edition

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