A Weak Speaker Is a Good Step Toward a Stronger Congress

The chamber has operated on a top-down approach for too long.

Kevin McCarthy in Leadership Limbo

After three rounds of votes, House Republicans ended Tuesday in a stalemate over who should be the next speaker.

Video: Speaker Who?

Watch the video of our weekly livestreamed conversation.

Trump the Moderate

What if the 'craziest SOB in the race' isn’t anymore?

The House GOP Is Reaping Exactly What It’s Sown

Also, some important personal news. 

The Biggest Questions Ahead of Today’s Speakership Election

Does Kevin McCarthy have a chance to appease his Freedom Caucus critics?

Crunch Time for Kevin McCarthy

As the House prepares to elect its new speaker today, obstacles remain for the GOP leader.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images.)

How to Elect a Speaker 

Kevin McCarthy’s precarious path to power.

The Agonizingly Low Stakes of Today’s Vote for House Speaker

It’s a bad job at a bad time for the party.

‘America’s Recovery Potential Is Awesome’

But it won’t come through politics. An exit interview with Sen. Ben Sasse.

The George Santos Defense

‘Has not been convicted of felony fraud’ is a pretty low bar to clear.

Activism and Apathy Are Poisoning American Politics

We cannot delegate our political and cultural engagement to the angriest sects of American life.

The GOP Braces for Divided Government—and a Divided Party

GOP centrists are trying to find their footing in a chaotic caucus.

Doomscrolling, Interrupted

A rough year for pessimists.

Lying Liars and the Party That Loves Them

Who would take Republicans seriously if they showed outrage about George Santos?

Apres Trump, Le Deluge

As Trump fades, populist infighting accelerates.