Do Republicans Want to Win?

Supporters of former President Donald Trump gather outside of Trump Tower in New York City on June 13, 2023. (Photo by Yuki Iwamura/AFP/Getty Images)

If Republican voters were guaranteed to win the presidency in 2024 by nominating Nikki Haley, would they do it?

They would not, I suspect. And that’s okay.

There’s more to politics than winning. There are many circumstances in which it would be reasonable to choose a less electable candidate with better policies over a more electable candidate with worse ones. I wouldn’t begrudge any Republican voter for preferring a pro-life nominee, for example, even if one could prove that a pro-choice alternative would be more likely to capture the presidency.

Given that I’m committed to supporting Joe Biden over Donald Trump next year, I’m not the guy to throw stones at the right for not prioritizing GOP victory over all things.

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