The Trump/DeSantis Cold War Is Finally Turning Hot

Donald Trump. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images.)

I don’t want to become known as the guy at The Dispatch who obsesses over every light jab thrown between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis ahead of their 2024 primary death match.

But I am that guy, so I might as well own it. Plus, it matters. A lot.

This makes three posts on the simmering Trump/DeSantis feud since I came aboard, the first of which was published on day one and the second just three days ago. I have an excuse, though: The jabs are becoming heavier, more frequent, and more purposeful as we approach an election in Florida that might upend the next presidential contest.

On Wednesday Politico revealed one of the hardest shots delivered yet, the fact that Trump will hold a rally in Miami two days before polls open for Marco Rubio—and only Marco Rubio. The invitation for the other guy on the ballot in Florida this year must have gotten lost in the mail.

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