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Why in the World Are You Reading This?

A Thanksgiving meditation.

Espionage With Chinese Characteristics

A brief history of China’s reliance on foreign technology and expertise.

Congratulations on a Successful Midterm Election 

DDoS attacks and vote counting glitches shouldn’t shake your confidence in our amazing system.

We Just Saved the Internet (For Now)

And what comes next now that Musk owns Twitter.

How to Launch a Nuclear Strike

And other things I’ve been thinking about.

Game On

New export rules are a welcome escalation in Washington’s tech competition with China.

Nuclear Knowledge

An explainer on nuclear bombs, how Putin might use them in his conflict with Ukraine, and what the United States is doing to stop him.

A Fresh Batch of Tech Potpourri

Russia’s online spying machine, a mystery drone in Crimea, and DOD’s most important battle space.

Putin’s Petulance

The United States’ response to Russia’s threats should be calm, measured, and unflinching.

Another Round of Tech Potpourri

VPNs are disappearing, cyber sanctions are dropping, and combat holograms are deploying.

This Is the Apple Way

Its choice of a Chinese company to supply memory chips for its devices is problematic for more than a few reasons.

Red China ‘Backs the Blue’

How the drone company DJI uses local cops in a political influence campaign against Congress.

Donald Trump Should Not Be Trusted With Classified Information

Poor handling of intel is a threat to our nation and too our allies, and he has been reckless with secrets in the past.

Twitter Spies, Cash Tornadoes, and Silicon Sanctions

A few of the stories that have caught my eye this week.

Killing Zawahiri: How the CIA Hunts Monsters

The authorities, the process, and the technology of killing the al-Qaeda leader.