Bonfire of the Asininities

Dear Reader (Especially those of you letting me take a vacation from the Dear Reader gag),

I recorded a solo Remnant podcast this morning, and when I finished, I concluded it may be the worst one I’ve ever recorded—that I released. I mean, Episode 11 will never see the light of day. You couldn’t even lay eyes or ears on that without first surviving the Dark Trials, and what does it profit a man to gain a thumb drive yet lose his soul? 

Anyway, I think part of the reason I had such trouble this morning is that I was struggling to articulate something that’s been bothering me all week. I wanted to write about it in the Wednesday G-File and ended up writing about third parties. Afterward, I felt like Bugs Bunny realizing he should have taken that left turn in Albuquerque.  

So I’m going to blurt it out, like a giant piece of clay slapped on a table, and then I’ll try to trim and pinch it down so it looks sort of like the thing in my head. 

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