Stirewalt on Politics

Chris Stirewalt, a political news veteran, uses his decades of experience to provide context (and some humor) when explaining what happened this week in national politics.

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Stirewaltisms: Presenting Your 2022 Senate Race Ratings

We deem only 10 races to be competitive at all, and only six to be up for grabs at this point.

Stirewaltisms: House Forecast Calls for Climate Change

The wind is blowing in a generally Republican direction.

Stirewaltisms: Dems Forget How They Got Here

The party’s only mandate was to stop the crazy cavitations of the Trump era.

Stirewaltisms: Ranked Choices

Checking in from a deep eddy of book tour craziness.

Stirewaltisms: GOP Couldn’t Uninstall Trump Ransomware

The tale of the 2022 primary season has been told.

Stirewaltisms: Of Presidents and Precedents

Executing a search warrant at a former president’s home is unusual, but there have been plenty of investigations of powerful people.

Stirewaltisms: Kansas Hints at a Changed Electorate

Could there be a surge in low-propensity voters this fall?

Stirewaltisms: Trump Helps Biden, Again

If the president is so unpopular, why aren’t Republicans polling better?

Stirewaltisms: It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humility

It’s steamy in D.C., so let’s get right to the Mailbag.

Stirewaltisms: Boris Johnson and the Survival of the Silliest

How did two countries select such unserious leaders?

Stirewaltisms: Biden Agonistes

The Supreme Court just handed the president a legal win that’s a big loss, politically speaking.

Stirewaltisms: Colorado Dems Elevate Election Denier to Help Polis

Remember when Bill Clinton encouraged his friend Donald Trump to run for the Republican nomination in 2016?

Stirewaltisms: Dems Do Some Dirty Work for GOP 2024

The January 6 committee's work highlighting Trump's scurrilous post-election behavior can only help Republicans stave off trouble in the next presidential election.

Stirewaltisms: Dems’ Shift on Crime Deeper Than Just Midterm Woes

It’s a far cry from just two years ago.

Stirewaltisms: Imaginary Powers, Real Defeats

Biden is only the most recent president to be afflicted by the unhealthy attachment to the belief in the power of presidential persuasion in American political life.

Stirewaltisms: For Memorial Day, Give It a Rest

Take the weekend off from having political opinions—or at least audibly gurgling about them.