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Sarah Isgur, a veteran of national campaigns and the hard-knocks world of political communications, covers elections, providing insight into strategy and mechanics of political campaigns with some behind-the-scenes flavor along the way.

Stirewaltisms: Does Georgia Have One More 2022 Surprise in Store?

We’ll find out Tuesday.

The Sweep: How Presidential Candidates Build Their Teams

What to look for as the 2024 campaign kicks off.

Stirewaltisms: First Humble, Then Thankful, Then Happy

Celebrating the greatest of America’s civic holidays.

The Sweep: Digesting Turkey and Midterm Data

The Trump tax, ticket splitters, and early voting.

Stirewaltisms: Lessons in Power at a Time of Transition

The similarities and differences between Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell.

The Sweep: What Just Happened?

Democrats didn’t exactly win, but Republicans definitely lost.

Stirewaltisms: Midterm Split Decision Goes Hard on Hogwash, Emotional Blabber

The lack of humility in our political class has never been worse.

The Sweep: It’s Election Day!

Why you should ignore the early vote, and why bad polls might be good for democracy.

Stirewaltisms: Crunched by the Numbers

Our last update before the midterms.

The Sweep: When Both Sides See the Other as a ‘Threat to Democracy’

Plus: Which candidates are benefitting from gubernatorial coattails?

Stirewaltisms: Presenting Your 2022 House Race Ratings

An upward revision for the GOP points to some breathing room for the red team.

Stirewaltisms: Presenting Your 2022 Gubernatorial Race Ratings

Democrats have a better map, but Republicans have a better climate.

The Sweep: Will the Dems’ McMullin Strategy Pay Off in Utah?

Plus: Georgia Republicans appear to be uniting behind Brian Kemp.

Stirewaltisms: A Tale of Two October Senate Meltdowns

What’s happening in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

The Sweep: Beware of Sloppy Polling

Plus: Kari Lake’s canny campaign strategy.