The Permanent Campaign

Sarah Isgur, a veteran of national campaigns and the hard-knocks world of political communications, provides insight into strategy and mechanics of political campaigns with some behind-the-scenes flavor along the way.


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The Sweep: What We Can Learn From Candidate Questionnaires

And what to make of the responses to Tucker Carlson’s questions for GOP candidates.

The Sweep: The Politics of a TikTok Ban

Plus: What can we learn from a survey of GOP county chairs?

The Sweep: Twitter Bots for Trump

Fake accounts can have real consequences.

The Sweep: Looking Out for No. 2

What to make of the early primary polling for 2024.

The Sweep: Democrats to Continue Meddling in GOP Primaries

Plus: How South Carolina’s early contest could be bad for Haley and Scott.

The Sweep: Why Run if You’re Not Going to Win?

Lots of reasons.

The Sweep: Is Trump the Frontrunner or Not?

Plus: A sign that our polarization is only getting worse.

The Sweep: How Teflon Ron Is Repelling Trump’s Attacks

The more the former president goes after DeSantis, the more viable he looks.

The Sweep: Do Retail Politics Matter in 2024?

Plus, Nikki Haley and Mike Pompeo enter the conversation.

The Sweep: Where Have All the Candidates Gone?

Donald Trump is still the only announced candidate for 2024.

The Sweep: What the Speakership Fight Means for Congressional Campaigns

What happens in the House changes who runs and how they win.

The Sweep: Primary Concerns

Democrats want to shake up the primary calendar. Can they?

The Sweep: It’s Party Time

Why Ronna McDaniel will remain as chair of the Republican National Committee.

Stirewaltisms: Sinema Pops Dems’ Bubble

The Arizona senator announces she’s leaving the Democratic Party.

The Sweep: How to Read the Early 2024 Primary Polls

Pay attention to who was included, where the poll was conducted, and who was asked.

The Sweep: How Presidential Candidates Build Their Teams

What to look for as the 2024 campaign kicks off.