Breaking Down the Build Back Better Act

Good Friday morning. We hope you didn’t spend your free time this week reading House Democrats’ Build Back Better Act, because we’ve done it for you.

The legislation is sweeping. We published a similar edition of Uphill earlier this year about the Democratic coronavirus relief package, but we’ll be breaking the details of this bill into multiple newsletters for readability (and our sanity). Today, we’re focusing on the package’s climate provisions. 

We’ve included larger outlays and items that stood out to us, but this isn’t comprehensive. We relied on the legislative text, as well as the House Budget Committee’s section-by-section analysis of the package. We hope your eyes don’t glaze over too much while reading this. Some of it is incredibly dry—you’ll begin to wonder how many grant programs the government can possibly carry out—but we know a lot of readers appreciated our earlier edition along these lines, and many of you like to have a more detailed grasp of legislation than you’ll get from most news stories about it. 

One more disclaimer: Some of this could change in the coming weeks. This is just the version of the bill expected to pass soon (maybe today??) in the House. 

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