Haley Byrd Wilt

Haley Wilt is a former associate editor for The Dispatch.

Haley Byrd Wilt

Seeking A More Family-Friendly House of Representatives

Retiring lawmakers want to spend more time with their kids. Why do they have to choose?

Rep. George Santos Faces Expulsion

Plus: The Democratic schism over Israel.

House Approves Mike Johnson’s Stopgap Funding Bill

Congress is poised to avert Friday’s government shutdown deadline.

House GOP Gives Mike Johnson (Some) Leeway in Averting a Shutdown

Plus: Are censures in the House too frequent?

Tommy Tuberville’s Military Holdups Picking Up GOP Detractors

And why don’t senators ever try to sneak unanimous consent requests through the chamber?

House and Senate Republicans Clash Over Military Aid

Support to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan hangs in the balance.

Will New Speaker Mike Johnson Actually Decentralize Power in the House?

All recent speakers say they want to, but it never really happens. Why?

Republicans Elect Mike Johnson Speaker

It brings the impasse to an end, but the House GOP still has a lot of hurdles to overcome this year.

Down Goes Jordan

The speakership race enters its ‘Mad Max’ era.

‘China’s Not Going Away’

Sen. Bill Cassidy says senators talked fentanyl with Xi Jinping, but human rights not a top topic.