U.S. Admitted Zero Uyghur Refugees in Fiscal 2021

During one of the most pressing humanitarian crises facing the world today, the United States is doing little to rescue Uyghur refugees from what the American government has officially classified as genocide.

The United States admitted zero Uyghurs through its refugee admissions program in fiscal year 2021, a State Department spokesperson confirmed to The Dispatch on Thursday.

A recent State Department report on admissions details countries of origin for refugees who were resettled from the beginning of October 2020 through the end of September 2021. According to that document, not a single refugee of Chinese nationality—including Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities from Xinjiang—was resettled in America through the program in that time.

Asked why no Uyghur refugees were resettled, a White House spokesman referred The Dispatch to the State Department and said it is “something we take very seriously and something the president is committed to.”

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