Our Best Stuff on Impeachment (and a Few Other Things)

Impeachment! It’s not the only thing going on, but it’s the biggest thing (much to the dismay of fans of fictional soap operas and the network presidents who’ve had to pre-empt their shows). 

You can find daily updates in The Morning Dispatch newsletter, but we’re also airing it out a little on the web and taking longer, more historical looks at the process. In case you were busy this week, here’s a summary of our best offerings. Please share widely with your friends and encourage them to sign up.

A Brief History of Executive Privilege

It’s easy to look at President Trump’s various power grabs (funding the wall with Pentagon money, stretching the definition of “national security” to unilaterally implement tariffs, etc.) and see his attempts to keep White House officials from testifying before Congress as just more of the same. But Jonah takes a deep dive on the history of executive privilege dating back to … George Washington. “So, what are the circumstances when the president’s interest in confidentiality is outweighed by the need for disclosure? When Congress or the courts are fulfilling their own core constitutional functions.” Well then.

Why Loyalty to Trump Could Pay Dividends for GOP Aspirants

It’s been 45 years since Watergate and its fallout led to Richard Nixon’s resignation. Then, as now, some Republicans lined up behind the president and some spoke out against him. What happened to those who stood by Nixon? Did they get kicked to the curb? Well, eventually, but in the case of a few, only after they took up their own temporary residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Christian Schneider looks back at that tumultuous time and what it might mean for our current political moment.

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