Dial S for Severability

As we near the end of another Supreme Court term, speculation abounds over a Court retirement. Would the resulting nomination battle be more or less contentious than the appointment of Justice Kavanaugh? David and Sarah answer this thought experiment while also touching on the implications this scenario would have on the 2020 election. They also break down rulings on robocalls and faithless electors.

When and how can you constitutionally defend yourself? The question comes after a gun-toting St. Louis couple made a show of force against Black Lives Matter protesters. On a more lighthearted note, David concludes the podcast by interviewing Sarah on her career path and what landed her at The Dispatch.

Show Notes:

-Check out the Supreme Court’s rulings in the robocall case (Barr v. American Association of Political Consultants, Inc.) and the faithless electors case (Chiafalo v. Washington).

Click here for a video of the Brooks Brothers militia v. BLM protesters standoff and be sure to read Andrew Egger’s interview with Stephen Mutowski in The Dispatch for an in-depth legal analysis of the incident. Be sure to check out David’sWashington Post 2018 piece on stand your ground laws.

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