American Dreams, Populist Screams

Is the American Dream dead? How are most Americans actually doing? Will the coronavirus kill us all? And most importantly, is Star Trek: Picard actually good? Repeat guest Michael Strain, author of The American Dream Is Not Dead, has all of these answers and more.

Show Notes:

Michael’s book, The American Dream Is Not Dead

Gunga Galunga

Marco Rubio’s father as an American success story

Ezekiel 25:17

Irving Kristol on the power of ideas

The New York Times on the power of lawns

Josh Hawley at King’s College

Brink Lindsey on U.S. culture after the 50s

The Success Sequence

G7 Coronavirus statement

Oren Cass’ Cost-of-Thriving Index

Gordon Gekko’s brick phone


Elaine on stuffed crust pizza

Jeri Ryan is why we live in this timeline

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