American Dynamism

Jonah’s return to The Remnant features a guest with “The most important hair in public policy,” Ryan Streeter from AEI. While Ryan’s magnificent mane isn’t captured in the final product, his spot-on analysis of the causes of American stagnation (and what we can do to get out of it) certainly are. Why is fulfilling work so hard to find for a great many Americans? Which of the structures meant to stand between the individual and the government do our current policy regimes totally fail to support? Are all politicians really just heartless hacks? And what factors are the advocates of working-class Republicanism forgetting when they envision the future of the party? Lucky for us, Ryan thinks about this kind of thing for a living, and therefore has more revealing answers than you may find anywhere else.

Show Notes:

Ryan’s page at AEI

Imagine Blue Steel from Zoolander, but it’s Ryan’s hair

Longstanding anti-“poaching” measures within fast food companies

AEI’s research into civil society and volunteerism

To Empower People: The Role of Mediating Structures in Public Policy

Rubio and the supposed face-heel turn of “market fundamentalism”

Ryan called some of America’s restlessness back in 2011

The UCLA loneliness scale

Ben Carson, doing actual interesting things while no one pays attention

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