Strictly Consequential

Today’s jet-lagged Ruminant finds Jonah haunted by uncomfortable memories of John Dean as he tries to make sense of what the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision means for gun laws in America. Afterward, he offers philosophical musings on an array of topics, including consequentialist ethics, stoplights, and religious edicts. It all ends with a brief reflection on why Jonah is a conservative in the first place. Also, please note that this episode was recorded before the Supreme Court released its decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. Jonah will have plenty to say on the subject very soon.

Show Notes:

The Wednesday G-File

John Dean’s Worse than Watergate

The Bruen decision

The Fairbanks Midnight Sun Run


Trump: “I whine until I win”


Why stoplights use red

The Remnant (guest hosted by Chris Stirewalt) with Josh Kraushaar

The Remnant with Christine Rosen

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