The Great Couch Detectives

If you’re obsessed with pop culture but can’t stand Rob Long and John Podhoretz, today’s Remnant may be the weird, wonderful, and interruption-free GLoP alternative you’ve been waiting for. Jonah’s joined for the first time by Christopher Scalia, former academic suit turned scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. Their paths recently crossed during an AEI panel on the legacy of cultural critic Paul Cantor, where they offered some exceptionally square-eyed geekery on TV shows both obvious and obscure. Jonah felt the event raised a number of urgent questions, so today, they provide answers: What happened to P.I. shows? Does The Godfather glamorize the mafia? How is wokeness influencing television? And is Chris really related to a famous justice? (Spoiler alert: Yes.)

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Show Notes:

Chris’ page at AEI

Jonah and Chris discuss the life and legacy of Paul Cantor

Joan Biskupic’s American Original: The Life and Constitution of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Chris: “‘Tom Jones’ Is No Masterpiece”

The Remnant with Bret Devereaux

Paul Cantor’s Gilligan Unbound

Paul Cantor’s The Invisible Hand in Popular Culture

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