14th Amendment

Our Best Stuff From a Week That Defied Description

Oral arguments at the Supreme Court, a ruling from the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, and a damaging special counsel report for Joe Biden.

Trump Likely Not Going Anywhere

The Supreme Court hears oral arguments in Colorado’s case to remove Donald Trump from the ballot.

The Disqualification Scenario

Let’s pretend.

Defending the Ballot

There is more than one way to patrol the borders of democracy.

Colorado Kicks Trump Off the Ballot

The controversial decision held that the 14th Amendment renders the former president ineligible to run for reelection.

‘Where Do You Cross the Line From Bush v. Gore to Coup d’Etat?’

A transcript of our October conversation with Will Baude on whether the 14th Amendment disqualifies Donald Trump from running for president.

The Efforts to Keep Trump Off the Ballot

Plus: Have House Republicans put their impeachment inquiry on the backburner?

The Supreme Court Can Fix Its Oldest Mistake This Year

The court long ago gutted the Privileges or Immunities Clause. A new case would give the court a chance to restore it.

In Defense of Disenfranchisement

People who demonstrate utter contempt for the law should not be making laws.

Who Will Stop Him?

We shouldn’t have to be debating whether the 14th Amendment disqualifies Trump from office.