2024 Republican Debates

What Does Nikki Haley Have to Lose?

Her odds are slim, but Donald Trump’s lone GOP rival is sticking it out and having fun.

Four Days to Iowa: a Town Hall, a Debate, and an Exit

Last night was a big night for the GOP. Maybe.

Haley, DeSantis Pull Their Punches on Trump’s Fitness for Office

Plus: Ramaswamy’s attack-everyone strategy isn’t paying off.

Fact Checking the Fourth Republican Presidential Primary Debate

On Nikki Haley and Boeing, U.S. troops in Ukraine, and transgender guidance in New Jersey schools.

GOP Debate IV: Endgame

The one where the candidates lost the plot.

Donald Trump ‘Jokes’ Away Questions About Being a Dictator

Plus: Another debate, but don’t expect Trump’s rivals to go after him.

Trump’s GOP Opponents Have No Answer for His Dominance

Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis are fighting for second place, but lack a clear strategy for competing with the former president.

Is Tim Scott Running on Fumes?

After the debate in Miami, the South Carolina senator remains stuck behind.

Debatable Outcomes

The third GOP presidential debate was the most substantive yet—but did it matter?

The Rise of Gavin Newsom

The California governor is marshaling support for Joe Biden but has his own challenges to navigate—and potential future aspirations.

Nikki Haley and Tim Scott’s Collision Course

Plus: Donald Trump hopes to shut down more GOP debates.

The Potemkin Debate

Will it be the last?

The GOP Survivor Problem

The second Republican presidential primary debate was even more chaotic than the first.

‘I Just Want a Serious National Security Debate’

Rep. Mike Gallagher talks to The Dispatch about tonight’s debate, China policy, and more.

Trump Goes Looking for the Union Label

The former president has planned a different kind of counterprogramming for the GOP debate.

Nikki Haley Gains Traction in Iowa

Meanwhile, fresh doubts seep in about fellow South Carolinian Tim Scott.