Affirmative Action

Don’t Burn Down Harvard

Conservatives can't ignore the failures of elite universities—nor can they simply destroy them.

The Roberts Court at the Crossroads

Four key themes from the court’s recent term.

Issue Polling Is Still Bad

Plus, who’s headed for the debate stage?

The Department of Education’s Legacy Admissions Complaint, Explained

The Supreme Court’s recent affirmative action decision has opponents aiming for further reforms.

A Tumultuous SCOTUS Term

Plus: Biden administration hit with court order limiting communications with Big Tech platforms.

Bureaucratic Wrangling Is No Substitute for Lawmaking

The histories of affirmative action and student loan forgiveness show that circumventing Congress made both programs vulnerable from the start.

Okay, What About Legacy Admissions?

They go against the stated missions of elite universities, but they aren’t racist.

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Has the Wrong Job

She leans into political rhetoric when the law doesn’t take her side.

You Keep Using That Word

I do not think ‘liberal’ means what you think it means.

Supreme Court Guts Affirmative Action

Plus: The justices also rule unanimously in favor of a Christian postal worker.

The Affirmative Action Legal Saga, Explained

The Supreme Court could end five decades of race-based college admissions policy.

Affirmative Action on the Docket

In two cases, the Supreme Court will weigh whether considering race in college admissions amounts to unconstitutional discrimination.