Oliver Rhodes

Oliver Rhodes is an intern for The Dispatch.

Oliver Rhodes

Fact Checking Claims About Vaccine Testing by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The Democratic presidential candidate made a misleading statement in a Fox News interview.

The Department of Education’s Legacy Admissions Complaint, Explained

The Supreme Court’s recent affirmative action decision has opponents aiming for further reforms.

China’s Designs on Latin America, Explained

The U.S. adversary sees opportunities in America’s traditional sphere of influence.

Is Biden’s Southern Border Plan Working?

Encounters are down, but the cause for that is up for debate.

Europe Puts Its Chips Down

A forthcoming EU plan to subsidize semiconductor production may be more bark than bite.

Has Sunak Sealed Brexit?

The ‘Windsor framework’ promises a resolution in Northern Ireland, but key stakeholders are holding out.

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Scotland’s Gender Policy Has Created a Political and Constitutional Crisis

The ruling SNP’s progressive stance has sparked a fight with the U.K. government and is unpopular at home.

British History, According to Meghan

The Sussexes’ documentary trades in a self-serving simplification of Britain’s imperial past.

It’s The End of Boris Johnson—Just Don’t Envy His Successor

The unorthodox leader is responsible for his own undoing and the predicament British Conservatives find themselves in.