Book Banning Ain’t What It Used To Be

Content curation isn’t the same as fascism.

A Small Book Club Update!

Clarifying what books we're reading.

Introducing Our Next Round Of Books

Our summer thrillers.

Socrates and Xi Jinping Go Into a Bar

A review of ‘Plato Goes to China: The Greek Classics and Chinese Nationalism.’

Bartlett’s Familiar-to-Liberals Quotations

A new edition has a decided ideological bent.

Book Review: ‘The Next American Economy’ by Samuel Gregg

As the populist elements of the right and left converge on economics, a new text provides a much-needed corrective.

Saving Liberalism from Itself

A new book from Francis Fukuyama is a timely defense of liberalism.

Book Review: ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’ by Anthony Doerr

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author has produced a beautifully written, well-paced, thought-provoking novel.

How Shall I Sing the Lord’s Song in a Strange Land?

Trying to Root for the Cleveland ... Guardians.

Man’s Best Friend

Lessons in Loyalty from Greyfriars Bobby.

It’s Time to Remember Tolkien

The Shadow is a small and passing thing.

A World of Our Own

What a book about the Middle Ages can teach us about our current era.

This Cruelty Too Will End

Remembering Anne Frank 75 years after her diary was first published.

The Autocrats Strike Back?

A review of two new books from Gideon Rachman and Moisés Naím that explore the rise of illiberal leaders.

Things Mostly Happen Just Because

A review of the 2022 International Booker Prize-winning 'Tomb of Sand.'

What We Lose When We Stop Telling Stories

Sharing religious stories and engaging with scripture promotes continuity of values and traditions.