Ryan Bourne

Ryan Bourne occupies the R. Evan Scharf Chair for the Public Understanding of Economics at the Cato Institute.

Ryan Bourne

Book Review: ‘The Next American Economy’ by Samuel Gregg

As the populist elements of the right and left converge on economics, a new text provides a much-needed corrective.

No, The $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill Does Not Cost $0

The president is passing off his proposed expansion of government as costless, and a lot of smart people are going along with it.

Our Travel Bans No Longer Make Sense

We ban travel from nations with higher vaccination rates than the U.S. while allowing it from countries suffering outbreaks.

America’s COVID-19 Air Travel Rules Are Insane

The White House clings to disruptive travel policies designed for a COVID world that no longer exists.

What Led to Our Worst Pandemic Errors? In Many Cases, Faulty Economic Thinking.

Regulators frequently flunked basic risk-benefit analysis.

Democrats Have Forgotten the First Lesson of Pandemic Economics

To fix the economy, you have to contain the virus.

Why Are Conservative Populists Pushing $2,000 Checks as ‘Pro-Worker’?

A genuinely pro-worker policy should focus on those who really do need the government’s help.

What Policies Are Really in the Interests of the Working Class?

Advocates of ‘Trumpism without Trump’ are advocating to continue the policies that didn’t work over the ones that did.