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The French Press is a newsletter published twice per week by David French, author, attorney, and Iraq veteran. French writes about law, politics, faith, culture, and the superiority of DC over Marvel.


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Apple Boycotts, and Boycotting Apple

Can we have our millionth conversation about cancel culture?

How Fundamentalism Fails

Ultimately, the closed fist can’t overcome the open hand.

Why I Changed My Mind About Law and Marriage, Again

Walking through my flip, flop, flip on one of the toughest issues of our time.

America, Can We Talk About Our Guru Problem?

The rich and famous might feel less like they belong on Mount Olympus if we stopped treating them like Greek gods.

A Blow Against the Malice Theory of American Politics

It turns out it’s hard to escape the need to inspire and persuade.

How History Might Remember—or Forget—the Next Congress

Could this be one of the least important elections of our lifetime?

How To Transform Vice Into Virtue in Three Easy Steps

The Paul Pelosi attack and the art of calling evil good and good evil.

The Diabolical Logic of Nuclear Blackmail

Can Putin’s threats prevail even after his army has failed?

Against the Demolition of the American Spirit

The new revolutionaries fabricate the case for American failure.

Stacey Abrams Challenges the Pro-Democracy Left

The Democratic Party’s most prominent election denier deserves to lose.

How Hypocrisy Drives Unbelief

What happens when religion is reduced to a moral code.

Disagreement Isn’t Bigotry

Ben Sasse and the meaning of differences over sex, religion, and liberty.

The Spiritual Lessons of a Christian Nationalist Military Defeat

Power corrupts, Christendom clashes with Christianity, and brutality isn’t strength.