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This is the archive page for The French Press, which is no longer actively sending. Every Tuesday and Sunday David French wrote about the law, politics, faith, culture and global affairs—and often how they interact with each other.

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A Last Word From David French

A Last Word From David French

On his way to the New York Times.

George Santos Was Inevitable

On the moral power of leadership, for good and ill.

The Most Important Thing You Read Today

It’s about diversity training, and it’s not by me.

How a Progressive Judge Helped Preserve American Pluralism

The law is doing its part. Are Christians doing theirs?

Thinking Through the Remainder of the Ukraine War

Of pyrrhic victories, material advantage, and the steeliness of Western resolve.

A New Version of an Old Fight

It’s hope and freedom versus anger and power, again.

The House GOP Is Reaping Exactly What It’s Sown

Also, some important personal news. 

Activism and Apathy Are Poisoning American Politics

We cannot delegate our political and cultural engagement to the angriest sects of American life.

Christmas, the Most Humbling Holiday

A short reflection on the limits of our understanding.

Did the FBI’s Involvement With Twitter Violate the First Amendment?

The government has a right to convince, but it cannot coerce.

How a Great American Victory Altered American Faith

Did the end of the Cold War empower the rise of the religious nones?

Why I’m Getting More Libertarian Every Day

America seems to want more government, but it needs less.

The ‘Twitter Files’ Show It’s Time to Reimagine Free Speech Online

Platforms tried speech codes. There’s a better way.

Georgia Exposed the Trumpist Scam

There’s life left in conservatism yet.

Remembering What Repentance Looks Like

True sorrow looks more like resignation than restoration.

Apple Boycotts, and Boycotting Apple

Can we have our millionth conversation about cancel culture?