Politics of Principle, Politics of Power

And what happens when you forgo the former for the latter.

The Populist Train Has Already Left the Station

Mike Pence’s speech defending conservatism came a few years too late.

The Liberation of the Self-Anointed

On the radical zealotry of the right today.

The Biggest Threat to Conservatism? The New Right.

It won’t bring about a conservative renaissance, but it could legitimize progressivism.

Patriotic Visionaries

It is time for Americans of good conscience, left or right, to hoist the flag higher.

Defending Conservatism—From the Right

Opportunists and pyromaniacs are rejecting the ideals we once took as givens.

Eccentricity Isn’t a Political Agenda

On Patrick Deneen and the New Right's lack of intellectual seriousness.

Turning Villains Into Victims

Tucker Carlson pandered to Donald Trump’s most deplorable supporters.

The Ties That Blind

With no other frame of reference, young conservatives are starting to think it’s normal to be jerks.

Apocalypse Now

Is catastrophism harder on liberal teens than conservative ones?

Ron DeSantis, Federalist?

Plus: How the Florida governor’s would-be opponents in the GOP presidential race are attacking him thus far.

The One-Legged Stool

A final farewell to traditional conservatism in 2024.

‘I Got Mine’

Principle and post-liberalism.

Statesmanship and the Ship of State

Why you can’t run the government like a business.

Lifting Up the Rock on the Gutter Right

Lie after lie after lie.

Slouching Towards the Old World

The ‘new’ conservatism isn’t new, it’s just not very American.