Disregard for the Constitution? That’s on Us.

From the Electoral College to the Senate, reforms to our founding charters are possible without amendments.

A Madisonian Proposal for Filibuster Reform

It’s possible to restore the Senate to a place of cool, reasoned deliberation.

Who Will Stop Him?

We shouldn’t have to be debating whether the 14th Amendment disqualifies Trump from office.

Ultra Vires

Down with ‘Popular Constitutionalism.’

The Birthright Citizenship Debate, Explained

Political debates over interpretations of the 14th Amendment aren’t new.

Up From Slavery

Juneteenth is cause for celebration, but also a day to reflect.

An Attempt to Upend the Electoral College, Explained

A push for a national popular presidential vote faces constitutional problems.

They Meant Well, Mostly

‘Peak oil’ and other follies.

Calvinball in Ohio

Changing the rules on abortion in the middle of the game.

A Draconian Constitution? 

The Athenian lawmaker Draco wasn’t good at writing laws—but neither are most of his heirs.

Enemy of the Constitution

Finally, the unvarnished Trump is running for president.