Donald Trump

The Messianic Temptation

From Obama to Trump, the left and right have treated their leaders with quasi-religious devotion.

Arizona’s Bombshell Abortion Ruling

Plus: Donald Trump is driving Republicans’ new course on abortion.

Liar’s Poker

Did Trump’s abortion statement change anything?

A Viral Post Distorts Comments Made by MSNBC Host Mika Brzezinski

Brzezinski was discussing Donald Trump, not Elon Musk, and later clarified her statement.

Trump Backs State-by-State Abortion Legislation

The former president tries to thread post-Roe needle, but faces rebukes from some pro-life advocates.

The Brazil-ification of American Politics

Across Latin America, voters have burned out on endless prosecutions of political corruption. Could that happen here?

Will Donald Trump Make Big Gains Among Young Voters?

There’s reason for skepticism, but even a moderate improvement for Trump with that cohort could prove fatal to Joe Biden’s reelection.

Souljah Boy

Is Trump’s abortion punt a “Sister Souljah moment”?

Intelligence Briefings for Presidential Candidates, Explained

What happens when a candidate has a complicated history with classified information?

The Difference Between a Biden Loss and a Trump Win

How to read the latest polling on key swing states.

A Spoiler Spoiled

Why did No Labels fail?

No Unity Ticket for No Labels

How a troubled process turned off would-be nominees for the third-party effort.

Leading From Behind

At the top, support for Israel falters.

Even Jury Instructions Are Contentious in Donald Trump’s Documents Case

Why the Presidential Records Act is at the center of the latest controversy in the case.

Third Time’s the Charm

Trump 2028?

A Gerontocracy of Blowhards

Americans are letting this year’s presidential candidates get away with spewing nonsense.