The American Wealth Machine and Its Misguided Discontents

Despite what you might hear (or believe), the U.S. economy continues to dominate the world.

Our China Self-Own

Failing to improve our immigration policy gives our biggest competitor a leg up on skilled labor.

Lawmakers Dig In Despite New Debt Ceiling Deadline

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says ‘X-date’ is approaching faster than anticipated.

Falling Hemlines and Rising Inflation

Examining the accuracy of the ‘hemline index.’

Five Words of Wisdom

The U.S. economy is stupendous, despite what you might be hearing.

What Happens if the Government Defaults?

No one knows exactly what would happen, but it won’t be pretty: A Dispatch Explainer.

Some of My Big 2023 Questions

Will there be a recession? Will people unretire? What about Big Tech?

Everyone Hates Our Producerist Economy

But they’re not voting Republican to fix it.

The Morning Dispatch: Economy Still Too Hot

Plus: Details about the cancelation of our 'What's Next?' conference in Naples.