The Privileged Few

‘The Holdovers’ shows that privilege is real but that the divisions it creates are not insurmountable.

Of Hamas and Historical Ignorance

We’re seeing the consequences of deemphasizing knowledge and facts in K-12 education.

GOP Calls to Abolish the Department of Education, Explained

The department has been controversial since its inception, but it’s difficult to eliminate a Cabinet department.

Catastrophizing the Classroom

Cara Fitzpatrick’s ‘The Death of Public School’ overblows public education’s demise—and wrongly goes after school choice.

The New School Closures

Despite getting millions in pandemic aid, not all schools are equipped to stay open.

Born Rich

It’s not just about money.

Oklahoma’s New Catholic Charter School, Explained

St. Isidore would be funded with taxpayer money, which raises First Amendment questions.

Educational ‘Detracking,’ Explained

To close achievement gaps, more school systems are limiting course offerings for high-achievers.


Untangling the controversy over Florida’s black history curriculum.

Pennsylvania’s U-Turn on School Choice

Democratic Gov. Josh Shapiro sinks his own school voucher program.

Book Banning Ain’t What It Used To Be

Content curation isn’t the same as fascism.

Fact Check: Teachers Union Head Says She Wanted Schools to Reopen During Pandemic

The union leader omitted important context during her congressional testimony.

Man Up

We’re suffering an epidemic of childishness.

When Should Children See a Nude Statue?

David, democracy, ding-a-lings.

Fact Check: Does New Orleans Have Any Public Schools Left?

A viral tweet that says the city doesn’t is false.

Harming Students in the Name of Fairness

Dropping the SAT for the sake of ‘equity’ forces colleges to rely on admissions standards that benefit wealthy and privileged applicants.