The New Political Battleground

School board elections, the new venue for fighting the culture wars, are getting more attention from political action groups.

Affirmative Action on the Docket

In two cases, the Supreme Court will weigh whether considering race in college admissions amounts to unconstitutional discrimination.

The First Culture War and Its Lingering Fallout

A new book that blames Ronald Reagan and economic resentment misses the real cause.

How Not to Fight COVID Learning Loss

A new study calls for $500 billion more than what was already spent on education-related pandemic relief.

Why Democrats Might Come to Regret Student Debt Relief

Usually, giving stuff away is a winning political strategy. But that’s not an iron law.

The Student Loan Bailout Is Terrible Policy. The GOP Response Has Been Weak.

It’s a consequence of the move away from policy toward grievance culture.

Pop Quiz: Are School COVID Relief Funds Working?

Educators and analysts still don’t understand whether the billions the federal government sent to schools is achieving its goals.

A More Nuanced Approach to Student Loan Forgiveness

Blanket forgiveness would be unfair as well as inflationary. There are more practical solutions.

Antisemitism Is a Problem in Academia. Quitting Is Not the Solution.

Professors are in the position to help students mitigate what can be a cruel campus environment.

How Social and Emotional Learning Became a New Front in the Culture Wars

It can be both a sensible, innocuous attempt to tackle a real challenge and an excuse to promote faddish nonsense and ideological agendas.

Biden’s Higher Education Agenda, One Year In

The president’s pen-and-phone pandering leaves a host of centrist opportunities unexplored.

This Is Not How Holocaust Education Was Supposed to Work

Experts have spent decades working to develop accurate resources and materials. It never involves role playing villainy.

Now Is Not the Time to Meddle in School Disciplinary Policy

School administrators are already struggling to deal with the challenge of stressed out kids. The threat of civil rights investigations won’t fix anything.