On the Kemp Chase With Stacey Abrams

One of the country’s most notable Democratic political figures tries to gain ground on Georgia’s incumbent governor.

The Morning Dispatch: How Sarah Palin Lost Alaska’s House Special Election

Plus: Why more states may implement ranked-choice voting.

Trump Is Hurting the GOP’s Midterm Prospects

Usually, losing presidents go away and allow parties to reinvent themselves.

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Liz Cheney loses, and we mark the one-year anniversary of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

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Plus: Alaska voters head to the polls, but the full results won't be known for weeks.

Choosing to Lose

The last days of the Liz Cheney campaign.

The McCarthy-Cheney Split Comes to a Head in Tuesday’s Primary

As Liz Cheney has focused on the January 6 investigations, Kevin McCarthy has boosted her election-denying opponent.

The Perils of Giving Up on Persuasion

Our political parties have emphasized mobilization instead, and a cascade of problems have followed.

Cheney’s Choice

She has opted to do her job, rather than just have her job. That matters.

The Morning Dispatch: Will Biden’s Big Win Matter in the Midterms?

'History suggests that when a party passes a big piece of legislation, they generally don’t get rewarded for it.'

Did the GOP Peak Too Soon?

In just the last few weeks, the Biden administration has enjoyed political and legislative victories that are quieting talk of a ‘red tsunami’ in the midterms.

Trump-Endorsed Tim Michels Prevails in Wisconsin Gubernatorial Primary

Former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch won a Mike Pence endorsement but faltered.

Our Best Stuff From a Week of Revealing Primaries

The Democrats back Peter Meijer’s challenger in Michigan, and a pro-life referendum fails in Kansas.

Peter Meijer Falls to Trump-Endorsed John Gibbs in Michigan

Gibbs was boosted by $435,000 in spending on ads by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Eric Schmitt Wins the Missouri GOP Senate Primary

The state’s attorney general defeats Rep. Vicky Hartzler and disgraced former Gov. Eric Greitens.

Joe Kent’s Tumultuous Campaign Comes to a Close

The candidate in Washington state’s 3rd District has made headlines for his controversial foreign policy views, 2020 election denialism, and far-right ties.