Electric Vehicles

Giving Permission to Political Violence

Undermining the legitimacy of institutions—as the left and the right have both done—is just the first step.

Fueling the Electric Vehicle Transition

A final rule from the EPA adjusts the timeline for the auto industry’s transition to electric vehicles.

What Should America Do About Chinese Overcapacity?

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Left Behind by History

To forget can be a blessing.

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The soft utopianism of easy choices.

The UAW (and Bidenomics) vs. Economic Reality

How policy fuels a needless conflict that may have no long-term winners.

Ford’s China Problem

Worries arise over a Chinese company’s involvement in an American automotive factory.

Cobalt Superabundance and the Pretense of Knowledge

Sometimes, doing nothing is the best solution to a problem.

Electric Vehicles and the Unintended Consequences of Industrial Policy

A plan to subsidize EV purchases has angered trading partners and might be bad for the environment.