The Messianic Temptation

From Obama to Trump, the left and right have treated their leaders with quasi-religious devotion.

The True Faith

Bible-thumping for fun and profit, but mostly profit.

Evangelicals’ Immigration Tension

A new survey indicates evangelical Christians want nuanced immigration reform, but the political party they support is taking an increasingly hardline stance.

Parallel Power Plays in Church and State

Sometimes bad things happen because those with real authority refuse to exercise it.

The Iowa Caucuses Are Finally Here

With Trump’s win all but secure, a look at the fight for second place with DeSantis and Haley.

Why Iowa’s Evangelicals Have Embraced Trump

Shifts across America’s Christian culture are on display in the Hawkeye State.

Trump’s ‘Terrible’ Damage to the Pro-Life Cause

Trump is on track to steamroll through evangelical Iowa, even as he attacks meaningful pro-life laws supported by a majority of Iowa Republicans.

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‘Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem’

Evangelicals’ support for Israel is historical. But it’s also broader than current political alliances.

Donald Trump Tests the Iowa Evangelical Faithful

Plus: Corruption charges against Sen. Bob Menendez shake up next year’s New Jersey Senate race.

Russell Moore’s Diagnosis of Evangelical America

A review of ‘Losing Our Religion.’

Tim Keller’s Quiet Revival and My Place Between Two Worlds

The pastor helped millions reclaim a faith that was connected to its past but alive in the present.

The Passing of America’s Pastor

Tim Keller possessed a unique blend of pastoral gentleness and theological rigor.

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Emotionalism can lead believers away from faithful living, rather than toward it.

Pastors Are Ceding the Pulpit on Immigration

The stakes are too high for them to stay silent.