Gun Control

Slate Publishes Gun-Control Fiction

Bump stocks aren’t machine guns, and good luck trying to fire an AR-style rifle 800 times in a minute.

Our Best Stuff on the War in Gaza and the Maine Shooter

Plus, Election Day is coming.

Everybody Knows

The military, law enforcement, family members, and mental health professionals all knew the Maine killer was dangerous.

‘The Chosen’ Is ‘Message’ Entertainment Done Right

Plus: The New Mexico’s governor’s shameful whiff on fighting crime.

Gunning for Trouble

A sinister power play in New Mexico.

Hunter Biden Has It Coming

On America’s gun laws, housing prices, the country between Pakistan and Bangladesh, attorneys general, Texas, and 9/11.

To Address Shootings, Do the Work

The government has tools to fight violent crime involving firearms.

Charismatic Machines

Why isn’t this the golden age of assassinations?

Democrats Urge New Gun Laws Amid Spate of Shootings

Plus: Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy begin new debt ceiling talks.

The Worst Pardon

A travesty in Texas.

Under the Black Flag

Making the AR-15 the powerful cultural symbol it is today has been a collaborative effort by those who love them and those who detest them.

The Committee to Pillory Carol Siemon

A prosecutor could have put the Michigan State shooter in prison years ago.

Can Members of Congress Pack Heat?

Lawmakers renew a clash over carrying firearms: A Dispatch Explainer.

‘Gun Safety’ Isn’t the Issue

What Nicholas Kristof doesn’t understand about our national firearms debate.

Are We Prosecuting Straw Buyers?

Illinois works to introduce new legislation while it remains unclear whether current laws are being enforced.

A Guide to Guns

Frequently asked questions about gun policy.