Health Care

What Did the ACA Accomplish?

Taking stock of the praise and criticism of the 14-year-old law.

What’s at Stake in the Abortion Pill Case Before the Supreme Court?

The case could result in the reinstatement of FDA rules governing the distribution of the abortion drug that were in effect until 2016.

Recent Attempts to Lower the Cost of Prescription Drugs, Explained

Federal and state governments, along with private enterprises, are all trying to deliver prescriptions at lower prices to consumers.

New Gene-Editing Treatments, Explained

The FDA has approved two new treatments for sickle-cell anemia, but much remains unknown.

The Biden Administration’s Plan to Seize Drug Patents, Explained

The federal government is proposing a new framework that could allow for increased manufacturing of prescription drugs.

Systematic Reviews of Gender Transition Treatments, Explained

The American Academy of Pediatrics is playing catch-up with European health officials.

The Feds’ Family Planning Program, Explained

Title X has become a political football in recent years, with far-reaching implications for contraception and abortion.

Abortion Pills, Explained

What happens when a pregnant woman follows the FDA-approved abortion regimen?

Checking in on the NHS

Take a look across the pond and discover that the U.S. isn’t the only developed country with a dysfunctional health care system.

Why North Carolina Republicans Finally Agreed to Medicaid Expansion

Free-market reforms and an infusion of federal funds convinced GOP lawmakers to ditch their opposition to the Obama-era policy.

Millions May Lose Their Pandemic Medicaid Coverage

The expiration of a temporary pandemic measure could cause headaches for states and Medicaid enrollees.

The COVID-19 National Emergency Finally Set to End

What changes can you expect come May 11?

The End of Humira’s Monopoly

Why did it take two decades to bring a competitor to the popular but costly drug?

How the GOP Can Make Childbirth Affordable Without Breaking the Bank

A truly pro-life party should better address the financial strains new parents face.

Health System Horrors

Cori Bush’s memoir, which includes gut-wrenching stories of two abortions, illuminates the medical trials many black women endure.

What Can Be Done to Make Health Care More Efficient?

More government regulation is not the solution.