Iran Nuclear Deal

The Perils of Strategic Incoherence

The Biden administration has been on a war footing with Iran and its proxies militarily while it appeases the regime diplomatically.

Biden’s Iran Policy Is About to Change—One Way or the Other

The administration could shift from appeasement to nuclear acceptance quietly, or it could try to build a bolder, bipartisan consensus.

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Hamas’ War Is a Convenient Distraction for Iran

A host of nuclear-deal sanctions are set to expire, giving the Islamic Republic power to pursue a lethal agenda.

Iran’s Influence Operation Over Nuclear Negotiations

Government circles reward access to Tehran—even if it’s at the expense of U.S. interests.

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Israel’s Less-Than-Secret War Against the Iranian Nuclear Program

A new book details the tactical success of Mossad’s efforts against the Islamic Republic.

Hostages and a Nuclear Illusion

Biden’s appeasement actually increases the chance that Iran will build a bomb.

It’s Up to Congress to Stop the Iranian Nuclear Threat

The Biden administration is too willing to trade sanctions relief for illusory concessions.

The Disastrous Implications of the $6 Billion Iran Hostage Deal

That it will encourage hostage diplomacy among our foes is the least of the problems.

A Top Iran Envoy’s Suspension Raises Eyebrows

Lawmakers demand answers as the State Department remains silent on an FBI investigation into Rob Malley.

The U.S. Still Looks for a Nuclear ‘Understanding’ with Iran

The latest effort to constrain the Islamic Republic’s enrichment program faces several hurdles.

Iran Needs an Ultimatum, Not a New Deal

The West still does not have a clear understanding of the regime’s nuclear activities.

The Middle East Braces for a Nuclear Iran

Saudi Arabia eyes diplomacy while Israel prepares for confrontation.

The Iran Nuclear Deal Isn’t Dead

The State Department is fighting to keep it alive, even if an agreement benefits Russia and China.

Intention, Not Capacity

The White House’s new way of seeing the Iranian bomb.