John Fetterman

Fetterman’s Act Is Nothing New

Despite support for Israel and tough talk on the border, he’s the same progressive he’s always denied being.


A political odyssey.

Will Congress Make a Deal on Border Policy in the New Year? 

There’s a lot of bipartisan will to get to yes, but key issues remain unresolved.

Party People

How to win with a very old, very unpopular president. Maybe?

A Classless Society, Indeed 

America is taking an increasingly quick trip from authenticity to having no class.

Uniform Stupidity

Our institutions are so weak that they cannot tell anyone to grow up and play by the rules.

Against Slobs

Craving decorum in an unserious age.

Fact Check: No Evidence Sen. John Fetterman Has a Body Double

Camera equipment and settings can greatly alter how people look in photos.