Middle East

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Iran’s Escalation Game

Will the United States’ attacks against Iran-backed militias be enough to deter the Islamic Republic?

The United Nations’ Palestinian Refugee Agency, Explained

The revelation that U.N. staff members participated in October 7 is the latest in a string of controversies.

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Israel’s Northern Front Looms

Will Hezbollah bring about another Israel-Lebanon war?

U.S. Steps Up Offensive Against Iranian Proxies

Will the Biden administration’s latest actions be enough to deter attacks on U.S. troops and treasure?

How the Military Plans Joint Operations, Explained

Long-established procedures guide virtually every military operation carried out today.

Iran-Backed Forces Kill Three U.S. Soldiers

After the tragedy in Jordan, Biden considers his options.

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Benjamin Netanyahu’s Looming Political Predicament

Can the career of Israel’s longest-serving prime minister survive this war?

Israel Tests Iran’s ‘Axis of Resistance’

The strike that killed Saleh al-Arouri puts Iran and Hezbollah’s wavering support for Hamas in the spotlight.

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Qatar Sees Opportunity in Israel’s Hostage Crisis

The Gulf monarchy’s longtime links to Hamas make it a questionable, but perhaps vital, middleman.

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Hezbollah Plays the Waiting Game

The Iranian-backed group continues to tease involvement in the Israel-Hamas war.

Deterrence Through Strength

The U.S. cannot afford to let Iran continue to cross red lines.

The Mirage of Middle East Peace

Robert Kaplan’s new book explores how the region has historically wobbled between order and chaos.

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The White House’s Israeli Embrace

Joe Biden’s full-throated support for Israel strengthens U.S. leverage in the unfolding war.

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Israeli Intelligence Failed, But So Did Hamas

The terror group’s decision to launch its deadly incursion spells doom for civilians in Gaza.

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A Mideast Mega-Deal in the Making

Instability undermines efforts to include the Palestinians in a Saudi-Israeli peace deal.

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Israel’s Multifront War on Terror

The embattled country is leading the fight against Iranian-sponsored terrorism in the Middle East.