National Conservatism

Old Lessons for the New Right

What a Depression-era farm program gone awry shows about the limits of federal power.

Nations, Nation-States, and Nationalism

On Ukraine and the treason of the nationalists.

The Year of the Horseshoe Theory

Extremists on both sides have a shared appetite for illiberalism.

Red on Red

Will populists split over Israel?

Natcons, Freecons, and the Centrality of the State

Dueling manifestos present two very different visions for America—and its government.

The Bad Math Behind Economic Doomerism

It’s not getting harder for families to purchase basic necessities.

Warnings That We Shouldn’t ‘Provoke’ Putin Miss the Point

It’s in our national interest to give Ukraine what it needs to win.

Nemesis Is a Comedian

And all addictions lead to degradation.

My ‘Treason’ Charge and the New Right’s Governance Fantasy

‘Anti-elite’ statists have no plan for Leviathan’s systemic flaws.

Book Review: ‘The Next American Economy’ by Samuel Gregg

As the populist elements of the right and left converge on economics, a new text provides a much-needed corrective.

Nationalism Goes to War

American nationalists who invoke the Ukrainian resistance as a poster child for their agenda are being disingenuous.