New Hampshire Primary

Is There a Future in the GOP for Haley’s Right-Hand Man?

New Hampshire salvaged Nikki Haley’s longshot campaign. It wouldn’t have been possible without Gov. Chris Sununu.

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Haley conceded that Trump won after both Iowa and New Hampshire.

Bring On the Crack-Up

New Hampshire and the future.

Team Trump’s Second Win

Despite high turnout from independent voters, the former president won the New Hampshire primary.

It’s 2024 or Bust for Nikki Haley

Why the second-place finisher in New Hampshire isn’t quitting.

Video: Nikki’s Night in New Hampshire

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Donald Trump Claims Falsely That Democrats Could Vote in the New Hampshire GOP Primary

Independent voters were welcome, but registered Democrats could not participate.

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Republican Presidential Primary Down to Two

Ron DeSantis suspends his campaign just two days before voters in New Hampshire go to the polls.

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Trump the man has seldom been worse, but his team is running a masterful campaign.

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Independent and Democratic-leaning voters in the Granite State are preparing to vote against Donald Trump.