North Carolina

GOP Frontrunner for North Carolina Governor Gets a Republican Challenger

Bill Graham will have support from party insiders made nervous by Mark Robinson’s political baggage.

A Party Switch Bears Fruit for the North Carolina GOP

Republicans are taking advantage of a veto-proof supermajority thanks to a Democratic defection.

North Carolina Takes Center Stage in 2024 Elections

Plus: The Club for Growth pumps the brakes in Montana’s GOP Senate primary.

North Carolina Republicans Fret Over Their Gubernatorial Frontrunner

Few in the state GOP want to incite a costly primary battle against Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson.

Chris Christie Prepares ‘Direct, Frontal Challenge to Donald Trump’

Plus, former GOP Rep. Mark Walker looks poised to enter North Carolina’s gubernatorial race.

North Carolina’s Gritty Gubernatorial Campaign

The state’s Republicans hold most political power, but the 2024 campaign for governor will be competitive.

Why North Carolina Republicans Finally Agreed to Medicaid Expansion

Free-market reforms and an infusion of federal funds convinced GOP lawmakers to ditch their opposition to the Obama-era policy.

Moore Maps, More Problems

The Supreme Court considers a dispute over North Carolina’s congressional district maps: A Dispatch Explainer.

Democratic Divergence in the Old Obama Coalition

In this year’s midterms, Democrats held their own in North Carolina but got clobbered in Florida.