Ohio’s Battle Over Gender Procedures, Explained

The Ohio governor placed new limits on gender-related surgical procedures after choosing not to pursue more restrictive bans.

Handicapping the 2024 Senate Map

Prepare for a real battle for control of the upper chamber next year.


Another bad night for a weak party.

A Banner Off-Year Election Night For Democrats

Youngkin faces disaster in Virginia as abortion boosts Democrats almost everywhere.

Roe-ing Against the Tide

Abortion once again costs Republicans electoral victories in the states.

Abortion On the Ballot in Tomorrow’s Off-Year Elections

Plus: Biden’s poll numbers set off alarm bells among Democrats.

Explaining the Allegations That Jim Jordan Covered Up Sexual Abuse at Ohio State

The scandal emerged in 2018, but there is no solid evidence to either support or refute the claim.

Our Best Stuff From a Week Ohio Made Headlines

A special election was bad news for the pro-life movement and the Republican Party.

The Return of Roe

Will Democrats try to reinstate federal abortion rights?

Ohio’s Abortion Amendment, Explained

The attempt to relax abortion restrictions will likely be the only abortion-related state referendum this year.

Calvinball in Ohio

Changing the rules on abortion in the middle of the game.