Presidents Day, Meet Black History Month

Remembering an exchange between George Washington and the poet Phillis Wheatley.

What Conservatives Can Learn from MLK’s Economic Views

His support for left-wing views didn’t arise in a vacuum—and it was highly controversial among black pioneers, too.

How ‘American Fiction’ Satirizes Wokeness

A thoughtful new comedy skewers progressive pieties around race.

Healing a Nation, One Relationship at a Time

David Brooks’ ‘How to Know a Person’ offers a granular approach to national unity.

My Merit—Your Racism

Merit is weaponized ‘whiteness’ when it’s a barrier to entry, an indisputable fact when certain groups get the spoils of status.

The Privileged Few

‘The Holdovers’ shows that privilege is real but that the divisions it creates are not insurmountable.

MLK and the Content of Character

Reflecting on Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous words on the 60th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington.


Untangling the controversy over Florida’s black history curriculum.

Native American Population Growth, Explained

What’s driving the surge in American Indian and Alaska Native census numbers?

The Department of Education’s Legacy Admissions Complaint, Explained

The Supreme Court’s recent affirmative action decision has opponents aiming for further reforms.

Supreme Court Guts Affirmative Action

Plus: The justices also rule unanimously in favor of a Christian postal worker.

What Makes Gen Z Tick?

Jean Twenge’s data-rich new book explores America’s six living generations, and lays out striking possibilities for future trends in public opinion.

Social Truth, Virtuous Lies, and ‘Pawning’

Black Americans have been used as means to an end throughout our nation’s history.

Fairfax County Fairness?

Virginia’s attorney general says in a Dispatch interview he's investigating high schools that withheld National Merit award information from students.