Republican Party

Senate Brain Drain Set to Continue With Sasse

The Nebraska senator is expected to retire to become president of the University of Florida.

The Laziest Politics

This is what happens when demonization replaces persuasion.

Slouching Towards the Old World

The ‘new’ conservatism isn’t new, it’s just not very American.

Utopian Nostalgia and the Radical Right

Yearning for a time that never really existed.

Moronic Convergence

Kooks and normies increasingly have each other’s backs.

Suckers and Fighters

Politics in a populist age.

The Morning Dispatch: Biden vs. ‘MAGA Republicans’

The president denounces his former opponent and his supporters in a speech in Philadelphia.

GOP House Members Brace for Fractious Party Dynamics

Hardline Republicans could have more power in a closely divided chamber.

The GOP Is Shrink-Wrapping Itself Around Trump

His hold on the party is growing, but only because the party itself is getting smaller.

Is the Republican Party Becoming the Sinn Féin of America?

An extremist movement is taking over the GOP at the same time that the threat of right-wing political violence is growing.

Are Republicans Moving on From Trump?

His hold on the right is in the process of terminal decay.

GOP Reps Slam Greene, Gosar

But no word on further punishment from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.